Data Engineering Micro-skills

The 2023 Data Engineering ZoomCamp by DataTalksClub
I did not have time to do it last year, so I am doing it this year!

Taking on this challenge this year because I am trying to grow my technical skills and abilities.

This will build on things I already have some good foundations in.

☑ a good grasp of SQL and python fundamentals

☑ experience with azure cloud/azure SDK, and building on with the google cloud platform / google cloud SDK experience here

☑ comfortable level with command line and git, so I’ll get to practice and add onto my skills by learning to use git bash and linux command line expressions.

☑ have worked previously with PgAdmin and DBeaver, and this time I’ll improve on my postgres experience with the combination of the google cloud and docker containerization

On top of all this, I am so excited to take another shot at:
📌 Docker / containerization 
📌 Data Lake / data warehousing and workflows
📌 Big Query
📌 Analytics engineering basics
📌 Deployment to cloud
📌 Batch processing/Kafka streaming

So far I’ve spent time doing the following:

☑ Generating SSH Keys

☑ Uploading a public key to Google Cloud Platform
(and initiating a new instance on the google cloud)

☑ Configuring a VM and local setup with an ssh config file

☑ Using VSC and port forwarding with

☑ as well as getting adjusted to using linux commands in git bash 

You can check-out my complete progression on my Github Repository.

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