Driven & Hard-Working

Elena is an exceptionally driven and hard-working individual. Though Elena and I worked for the same company in the same building we met in a non-traditional manner. We met through a mutual colleague who knew that Elena was looking to move into the Data Science space from a Data Management position and was aware that I had recently done so myself. Elena reached out to me immediately, and what started out as almost a mentor-mentee relationship over programming languages and data visualization tools, really quickly evolved into a friendship where we were both learning an exceptional amount from one another and supporting each other in all facets of career, networking, and life growth. Though we no longer work for the same company we still keep in touch regularly and rely on each others’ experiences for growth. I am very fortunately that Elena popped into my inbox and subsequently my life! I will speak to Elena’s character as being incredibly driven, hard-working, and a quick and dedicated learner. She is also a fantastic team player, always working to build up those around her along with building up herself. I have no doubt Elena will excel at whatever opportunity she is given and that she puts her mind to!

– Gabrielle Genovesi MPH, Integration Specialist and Data Analyst at Biovigil | Gabby has mentored me from the very early stages of my data science path.

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