Natural Talent for Data Science

I started working with Elena in September 2021 at an Omdena project about predicting rainfall in Africa. In this project, I worked closely with all teams as a Technical mentor and can say that from day one Elena has shown a great sense of team spirit, pro activity and a natural talent for data science.

From a technical perspective, Elena has solid knowledge of data science lifecycle and vast experience with data analysis and preprocessing of data using Python language. Elena is also a versatile professional who adapts fast to new challenges within a project, while keeping a friendly but also focused mindset. As an example, I can highlight her support on brainstorming discussions with others teams members to define the scope of our project, making sure that all deadlines were reached while still giving a voice to her colleagues.

Starting as a Junior Machine Learning Engineer, Elena quickly picked up the necessary skills to not only make crucial contributions on the data analysis part of the project dealing with time series data, but also to co-lead this team. As a recognition for her outstanding performance in the project, she was promoted to Lead ML Engineer at the end of the challenge.

Elena is an empathetic leader always glad to hear feedback and support her team to succeed. It is my great pleasure to recommend her to positions in the data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence domain.

– Rosana de Oliveira Gomes, Data Scientist | Rosana mentored me during my first Omdena project and later became an inspirational mentor being part of AI Wonder Girls with her.

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