Diligent & Engaged

To Whom it May Concern:

Elena Barbulescu has been successfully working with my company Kanda Weather Group as part of a team of collaborators with Omdena Inc for the past 6 weeks. She and the team have been developing a 12-hour rain forecasting model using weather balloon radiosonde data collected by national meteorology services in West African countries. Working with upper-air data in this challenge is by no means an easy feat, and Elena’s eagerness to make meaningful contributions to the team leads me to recommend her for any position relevant to her endeavors.

Elena is a diligent and engaged machine learning engineer, who has worked alongside other engineers in more than one Omdena challenge. She currently leads one of the most important tasks in our Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) group that consists of at least 10 other collaborators. This role involves reporting directly to me to help make project decisions, given the suggested techniques of other collaborators.

She has illustrated to me her data analysis skills by comparing distributions of our atmospheric variables, and her findings were important to guiding us in choosing our training and test datasets. Furthermore, she has shown her ability to manage and guide the team by helping organize the project repositories, communicating work progress and accomplishments clearly to me, and by voicing questions raised by the group as a whole.

I’ve found Elena’s consistent work ethic and willingness to learn is perfect for developing a product in a research setting. She comes with my highest recommendation, and I’m looking forward to seeing her go further in her academic and professional work.


Nicolas Lopez
Chief Engineer, Kanda Weather Group

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