Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Here is some advice I can offer, from personal experience and lessons from persistently having to conquer imposter syndrome:

⚪️ Be kind to yourself, first and foremost
⚪️ Don’t compare yourself to others
⚪️ Remember the learning curve gets steeper with time
⚪️ Break the silence, ask questions
⚪️ Keep reminders of your accomplishments
⚪️ Learn from failures
⚪️ Create your own path
⚪️ Continuously work at your craft
⚪️ Reframe your thinking
⚪️ Adopt a growth mindset
⚪️ Share what you’re learning
⚪️ Create a support network 
⚪️ Celebrate all the wins, small or big
⚪️ Don’t expect it to go away

This is my reminder list.

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