The Statistical Lens

Nurturing the statistical lens … as referred to as statistical thinking, statistical literacy or mathematical thinking… used to be for me (for a long while) about one of its core tenets “asking questions”.

To consistently act with the following three-pronged approach to #data ⤵  
– understand it
– question it
– and know its limitations

⬆ This, in the simplest form, was for me a type of training to consume and think critically about data. 

To my own surprise this has also been the starting point for my journey with #statistics.  

Let me also be frank! Statistical literacy takes time.  

It’s not just about the tooling (knowing how to build hypotheses, the use of tests for validation, the distributions, and methods/techniques of application).  

🎯 In large part the statistical lens is about having the right mindset with which to approach statistical nuances of data:

— thinking about the data that you see, and being critical about its sources as well as what it contains and how it was collected

— questioning possible assumptions/biases that may permeate certain scenarios

— and gaining a better grasp of variation, and how to deal with the uncertainty that variation creates

Of course, the technical tooling matters.  
However, the foundation in the statistical lens thinking is just as important as the skills in the application of that lens.  
They go hand-in-hand.

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