SQL, the beginning

My passion for data science started with my necessary encounter with SQL, on the job.

I began to learn SQL when I had to write a query to pull a data extract for a client. Before reaching this point, however, I was exposed to:

  • what relational databases are
  • what a star schema is
  • and the difference between fact and dimension tables

Quickly (and in a panic) I realized the power of joins when the resulting extract returned a bunch of null values. 😂

I learned on the job with the supervision of an SME.

Later, though, I realized I needed to learn SQL more formally.
And that’s where my journey with SQL truly began.
I took my first SQL course on Coursera.

Fast-forward 3+ years later (now), I’ve ranked up the following:

  • several courses in SQL
  • the fundamentals for querying single database tables
  • joins and subqueries & creating temp tables
  • knowing how to use SQLalchemy in python
  • worked with Microsoft SQL Server & SSMS
  • experience with Postgres SQL databases
  • and exposure to tools like PGAdmin & DBeaver

… I absolutely love SQL and hope one day I get to work with it more extensively.

I found a quote I can standby, for sure:
“SQL is the ideal tool to democratize data science in an organization because it is easy and intuitive language that even non-technical people can quickly learn and apply.”

My dream role is one in which I continue to have necessary encounters with SQL.

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