The days before SQL & python

I worked with, and analyzed data for years before I stumbled on SQL and python.  

This taught me a framework of questioning that helped me navigate the steps I took with data.

– what were the sources I was pulling the data from
– what format was I pulling the data in
– how could I combine different data types
– what was the outcome I was aiming to accomplish
– did I have the right data
– did I have enough data
– would I need additional sources of data
– what was the quality of the data I was pulling
– was it even feasible to accomplish the aim with the data I had
– what kinds of visualization would I be able to do with the data
– would my analysis make an impact, and what kind of impact
– what questions would arise from showcasing the result

… the list goes on… 

I learned a lot about data literacy because I wasn’t focused on the technical aspects, but rather built more of an analytical mindset.

In past experiences there are always trade-offs. What kinds of trade-offs do you have in your past experiences?

What I am aiming for now, is to be more well rounded and level up both my technical skills and my business acumen. 

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