Experience Path

Here’s the path I have taken:
▪️ Double majored in Biology & Anthropology
▪️ 6+ years of Research in Bioengineering, Neurobiology & Pharmacology
▪️ Substitute teacher in Biology & Math
▪️ Foot in the door as a Data Specialist/Coordinator
▪️ Stepped it up as a Business Analyst 
▪️ Had the best time of my career yet as a QA Specialist
▪️ A brief period as a Configuration Specialist
▪️ Landed at IBM as a Data Consultant
▪️ Got into Data Science and won the first Women in Data Science Kaggle Datathon Honorary Mention  
▪️ Took a few roles solely working in SQL
▪️ Took part in 3 Omdena 8-week Machine Learning Projects
▪️ Completed a Data Science Residency Program from Women in Data
▪️ Paved the way to my first Data Science role

What I am most proud of are the following transferrable skills:
💫 Data Handling
💫 Problem Solving
💫 Adaptability
💫 Being a team-player
💫 Attention to Detail
💫 Intellectual Curiosity
💫 and Management (of time/energy/focus)


In the future, I’d like to grow more in the following areas:
🔗 Being an advocate for the customer
🔗 Communication skills – verbal & written
🔗 and Developing the business sense

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