Book Recommendation: The Art of Statistics

πŸ’« Looking to learn the basics of statistics with a non-technical introduction? πŸ’« Want to be more informed about statistics generally speaking? πŸ’« Need a refresher in statistics ?  

This is the book for you then!

Here’s just a handful of topics you’ll find throughout the book:
– why we need statistics
– the PPDAC structure 
– counts & proportions
– distributions & continuous variables
– standard deviation
– relationships between variables
– Pearson correlation coefficient
– storytelling with statistics
– inductive inference
– Z-score
– population distribution
– correlation does not imply causation
– Simpson’s paradox
– regression coefficient
– basic regression modeling
– classification and prediction
– assessing performance of an algorithm
– Brier score
– bias/variance trade-off
– cross-validation
– bootstrapping
– probability, uncertainty, variability
– central limit theorem
– confidence interval
– hypothesis testing
– statistical significance
– P-values
– Bayes’ theorem
– hierarchical modeling

… you get the point right?

This is a GOLDMINE of statistical concepts. I have read this book once, just finished the first round-through this week, but I am entering back through in further detail a second time and examining the examples the author walks through.

There are not books on statistics like this one. It is absolutely one of my go-to books on statistics at the moment.

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