Book Recommendation: The Art of Data Science

πŸŒ’ Books have the power to affect us, inspire us, and form within us intellectual paradigms. This is what this book has been doing in my career path.  

Book 9 #bookaweekchallenge

✨ Every time I read this book (now three times), I learn something new from it!

I’ll quickly run through the chapters to give you a sense of the landscape for this book!

🎈 Data Analysis as Art
🌼 Epicycles of Analysis
πŸ₯€ Stating and Refining the Question
πŸ¦‚ Exploratory Data Analysis
🌹 Using Models to Explore Your Data
🌾 Inference as Primer
🌿 Formal Modeling
☘ Inference vs. Prediction: Implications for Modeling Strategy
🌡 Interpreting Your Results
🌴 Communication

✨ With every read of this book, I’ve accumulated quite the lengthy set of notes around this book. I have a lot saying about this book, a lot that I can’t cover in a single post.

But what I want to say about this book, is that this isn’t a book that you just pick up and read, and then you’re done with.  

No. Just like with “The Art of Statistics” and “Becoming a Data Head”, it’s another book that is one through time that you’re always finding new applications with. At least that’s been my experience with this book for the past three years.

Having said that! It’s a MUST READ to EVERYONE IN DATA!! C’mon if you’re going to read one book, make it this one! It will keep giving back!

You’ll see more from me on this book this year (and others that are favorites)! I’m brewing through an idea to come soon…. πŸ™Œ (inspiration from this book, in fact… )

πŸ’₯ If you’ve read it! Share YOUR thoughts.
🎯 If this book is on your reading list, START IT soon.
πŸŽ‰ And who’s reading it at the moment??

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