Book Recommendation: On AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age

“This phenomenon isn’t new.” πŸ”Š 
#artificialintelligence#algorithms#augmentedreality is all the buz πŸ’€ these days (and likely in the coming years). “Intelligent machines” are revolutionizing business.  

This book covers a wide spectrum of subjects — 
Data Science
ML in Business Insights
3-D Printing
Augmented Reality
Smart technology
All in the following chapters:

πŸ”° Artificial Intelligence for the Real World
πŸ”° Stitch Fix’s CEO on Selling Personal Style to the Mass Market
πŸ”° Algorithms Need Managers, Too
πŸ”° Marketing in the Age of Alexa
πŸ”° Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy
πŸ”° Drones go to Work
πŸ”° The Truth About Blockchain
πŸ”° The 3-D Printing Playbook
πŸ”° Collaborative Intelligence: Humans and AI are Joining Forces 
πŸ”° When your Boss Wears Metal Pants
πŸ”° Managing our Hub Economy

We are swimming in a sea of perpetual influx of information, old and new, as we try to make sense of the world we’re now finding ourselves in with the advent of new technology, and how humans now fit into the scope of it.

This book covers topics important for navigating this space.

πŸ’« types of AI
πŸ’« understanding technologies
πŸ’« scaling up
πŸ’« innovation by data science
πŸ’« the AI platforms
πŸ’« enhancing human decisions
πŸ’« introduction to drones and blockchains
πŸ’« revealing invisible problems
πŸ’« connected-car ecosystem
πŸ’« the ethics of network leadership

This should give you enough insight to peak your interest to read this book. It’s has a LOT OF PUNCH! It’s a small book, but it’s filled with A LOT of critical-to-know information.

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