Book Recommendation: Data Literacy Fundamentals

“Its purpose is to introduce and to welcome people into the growing dialogue around data.” This book by Ben Jones is not only a quick read, but also valuable.

He highlights the following things:
– data can be tricky
– data can be flawed
– but the chief goal of data is wisdom
(** the DIKW pyramid: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom)
“The higher up the pyramid we go, the more we add the ‘human element’.”

He also makes an interesting point. πŸ“˜ Data literacy may be about data, but it is also about empowering people to have confidence in themselves in order to make better use of data.

If you ever wonder about the following questions, this book is for you —
? What is “data” and why do we use it in the first place?
? What is the context of a set of data collected?
? What does Intuition have to do with Analytics?
? What role does data have in the professional domain, the public domain and the personal?
? Why does data matter to you?
? Who owns and updates the data?
? Where does data come from?

This book is a great data literacy introduction to anyone who is new or newish to data. For others its a short read perfect for some refresher ideas.

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