Book Recommendation: Becoming a Data Head

♦ The breath of topics in this book is truly fantastic! ♦ “If you want to be a killer analyst and ask the right questions, this is for you!”  

♦ Every single chapter in this book is VALUABLE.
There are 2 books I really have loved reading this year. First it was “The Art of Statistics” and now THIS one! ; with these two books, the reading is never really done…. 

Curious about the chapters?
🔸 What is the Problem?
🔸 What is Data?
🔸 Prepare to Think Statistically
🔸 Argue with the Data
🔸 Explore the Data
🔸 Examine Probabilities
🔸 Challenge the Statistics
🔸 Search for Hidden Groups
🔸 Understand the Regression Model
🔸 Understand the Classification Model
🔸 Understand Text Analytics
🔸 Conceptualize Deep Learning
🔸 Whatch out for Pitfalls
🔸 Know people and personalities

Yea right?!?!? ⤴ Let me tell you, you don’t even know what you’re in for when you read this book.  

🎯 If you decide to read it.. Give yourself ample time to digest it, and take your time through the concepts! It will serve you!

This book was published mid-2021… it is relevant and the authors have done a phenomenal job in talking about the most important subjects in data, in the data-driven world, in a very short book of 200 pages.  

🎯 The amazing part of this book is that you can read the chapters as standalones. You can take your time and read through sections of it.  

🎯 This book is also a great gateway into learning about statistics without huge technical jargon that you have to make sense of at the beginner learners phase. The authors really make the fundamentals easy to grasp.

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