Book Recommendation: Be Data Literate

#DataLiteracy … “to be blunt: we must close this skills gap!” ⁉️ Right ⁉️

✨ “For far too long, individuals and organizations have been halted in their attempts to drive success with data.”

Jordan Morrow tackles this aspect of a MAJOR skills gap in data literacy and how solving this gap will enable people and companies to be successful at data-driven initiatives and strategies.  

What hooked me on reading this book in almost one sitting was Jordan positing the following questions:

🔸 What kind of impact does the lack of data literacy have on us, the individuals?

🔸 According to statistics age group 18-24, only 21% are confident in their data literacy abilities. If organizations are looking to capitalize on data and #analytics, but there is a massive skills gap, how can they capitalize?  

🔸 Also, according to statistics, only 24% of executives feel confident in their data literacy skills. With such a large gap, should we trust those decisions? 

🔸 How can software and technology be a cause or driver of a data skills gap? What would data production have to do with the lack of data skills?

🔸 How can a lack of strategy drive or expand a skills gap? Do enterprises have clear and concise data and analytical strategies?  

💫 This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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